Governing Board

We invite you to become a member of the Galileo Adult Education Centre Governing Board.

A Governing Board is a body established in each Centre according to the Education Act. It is composed of students, teachers, representatives of the non-teaching professionals and support staff, representatives from business and socio-economic and community groups. These groups work in partnership to ensure that students receive the best possible learning opportunities. The powers and functions of the Governing Board are outlined in the Education Act.

A governing board is composed in the following manner:

  • Students maximum 2
  • Teachers maximum 2
  • Other Centre staff maximum 2
  • Enterprises maximum 2
  • Socioeconomic and community groups maximum 2

Candidates interested in participating must be aware of the following:

  • Meetings will take place once a month at the Centre in the evenings.
  • Members must commit to attending monthly meetings.
  • Members will either be elected or appointed for a two year mandate.

If you are interested in submitting your candidacy, please contact Galileo Adult Education Centre principal at (514) 721-0120

Our Members

Martina Schiavone
Vice Principal:
Antonietta Scrocca
Vito Di Cristo
Student Representatives:
Samanta Tarulli
Teacher Representatives:
Vanessa Mazzilli and Vera Tronca
Centre Staff Representatives:
Luisa Moscardi and Ana Preto
Enterprises Representatives:
Vito Di Cristo and Ricardo Zerbino
Socioeconomic and Community groups Representatives:
Gaetano Orsina and Giancarlo Zerbino

Board Meetings

November 28, 2022minutes
December 19, 2022minutes
January 23, 2023minutes
February 27, 2023minutes
March 20, 2023minutes
April 24, 2023minutes
May 29, 2023minutes
June 26, 2023minutes
November 6, 2023minutes
December 18, 2023minutes
January 29, 2024minutes
February 26, 2024minutes
March 25, 2024minutes
April 29, 2024minutes
June 3, 2024minutes