• Registration for the FALL semester has begun!!!

    Register TODAY for your French and/or English language classes.
    Register TODAY to complete your High School diploma
    Register TODAY to complete pre-requisites courses for CEGEP.
    Classes start August 29,2022 Call TODAY for an appointment. (514) 721-0120

    Galileo Adult Centre will ensure that the Covid-19 health and safety measures required by the Government of Quebec are adhered to. Our students' and staffs' safety is our top priority

  • SUMMER SCHOOL : July 4th to August 12th: for Practice English classes & Academic courses

    In-Person at John F. Kennedy Adult Education Center. The registration period will take place from June 6th, 2022, to June 23rd, 2022, at each Adult Education Centre.

    Service fee for Practice English is $25.00 Service fee for Academic is $50.00

    The link to the website for summer school is:

  • EMSB Email

    You can register to get an EMSB email address by visiting the Student Request for EMSB Email Account page under Student Info