Designed for adults with special needs

Two programs are offered at Galileo: SIS & SVIS

We follow the Social Integration Services Program (SIS) set by the Ministry of Education (MEESR) which is designed for adults who experience difficulties of a psychological, intellectual, social or physical nature. The program is distinctively designed to help the student acquire the necessary skills to be able to integrate and participate in society to their fullest potential.

The Socio-Vocational Integration Services (SVIS) program allows students to acquire the skills and support while transitioning from a school context to a job training.


  • To provide each student with the opportunity to learn in a stimulating environment
  • To evaluate needs and develop goals while respecting their interests
  • To support the student’s participation in the community
  • To encourage the student’s autonomy
  • To work in partnership with families, CISSS and CIUSSS

Times of Class

Day Class:Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Session:September to June

Registration Dates

Please call 514-721-0120

Registration Requirements

2 ORIGINAL documents; no photocopies accepted
  1. VALID Medicare Card (not expired)
  2. ONE of the following legal documents below:
    • If you were born in Quebec, the LONG form birth certificate
    • If you were born in another province, the birth certificate issued by the province
    • If you were born outside Canada, a PASSPORT (Canadian or from your country) and ONE of the following documents:
      • Canadian Citizenship card or Canadian Certificate
      • VALID Permanent Resident card (not expired)
      • VALID Confirmation of Permanent Residency (IMM5292, IMM5688, IMM1000) (not expired)
      • VALID Certificat de selection du Quebec (CSQ) category RA or R8 (not expired)