Obtain your high school diploma with us

The Diversified Basic Education (DBE) program is an adaptation for adult learners of the Québec Education Program, Secondary Cycle Two, for the youth sector.

Thus, the subject areas, broad areas of learning and cross-curricular competencies in both programs are the same. However, in order to meet the specific needs of adult learners, the division into courses is different and some programs of study are found only in adult education.

Our Centre offers a complete range of traditionally taught and individualized academic courses leading to a Secondary School diploma (SSD).

We also offer pre-requisite courses that students need in order to enroll in a vocational program or CEGEP.

Courses offered

Mathematics (Sec 1-5), English (Sec 1-5), French (Sec 1-5), History of Quebec and Canada, Science and Technology, Physics, Chemistry, and Options classes

Students who have studied in Canada will have their transcripts evaluated by our Academic Advisor. Once the assessment is complete the student will know exactly what they require in order to graduate, go to CEGEP or to enroll in a vocational centre.

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Term Dates

Term 1: August 26, 2024 to November 29, 2024
Term 2: December 2, 2024 to March 21, 2025
Term 3: March 24, 2025 to June 27, 2025

Times of Class

Day Class:Monday to Friday from 8:20 am to 3:20 pm

Cost of Program (Non Refundable)

$90.00 + Cost of books where applicable (Cash/Interac/Credit)

Registration Dates for Term 1

Start May 21, 2024 by appointment 514-721-0120
(please call 514-721-0120 for an appointment)

Free Tutoring

Free Parking

Registration Requirements

2 ORIGINAL documents; no photocopies accepted. All 2 documents are mandatory along with the fee on the day of registration.
  1. VALID Medicare Card (not expired)
  2. ONE of the following legal documents below:
    • If you were born in Quebec, the LONG form birth certificate
    • If you were born in another province, the birth certificate issued by the province
    • If you were born outside Canada, your PASSPORT (Canadian or from your country) and ONE of the following documents:
      • Canadian Citizenship card or Canadian Certificate
      • VALID Permanent Resident card (not expired)
      • VALID Confirmation of Permanent Residency (IMM5292, IMM5688, IMM1000) (not expired)
      • VALID Certificat de selection du Quebec (CSQ) category RA or R8 (not expired)
  • Passport sized photo
  • Your latest transcript/record of marks from a high school within Canada
  • You must be 16 years old as of June 30, of the current year
  • Parent to accompany any student under 18 years old.

Important Information

Article 28 in the Basic school regulation for preschool, elementary and secondary education Education Act

"A decision to promote a student to the next cycle shall be based on the student’s last report card of the last school year and on the rules governing promotion established by the school or the school service centre, according to their respective responsibilities. "


Article 27 in the Basic adult general education regulation Act

"Promotion shall be carried out separately for each program. Adults may enroll in a program only after obtaining the prerequisites."