Designed for adults with special needs

We follow the Social Integration Services Program (SIS) set by the Ministry of Education (MEESR) which is designed for adults who experience difficulties of a psychological, intellectual, social or physical nature.

The program is distinctively designed to help the student acquire the necessary skills to be able to integrate and participate in society to their fullest potential.


  • To provide each student with the opportunity to learn in a stimulating environment
  • To evaluate needs and develop goals
  • To work in partnership with families, CISSS and CIUSSS

Times of Class

Day Class:Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Session:September to June

Registration Dates

Please call 514-721-0120

Registration Requirements

2 ORIGINAL documents; no photocopies accepted
  1. VALID Medicare Card (not expired)
  2. ONE of the following legal documents below:
    • If you were born in Quebec, the LONG form birth certificate
    • If you were born in another province, the birth certificate issued by the province
    • If you were born outside Canada, a PASSPORT (Canadian or from your country) and ONE of the following documents:
      • Canadian Citizenship card or Canadian Certificate
      • VALID Permanent Resident card (not expired)
      • VALID Confirmation of Permanent Residency (IMM5292, IMM5688, IMM1000) (not expired)
      • VALID Certificat de selection du Quebec (CSQ) category RA or R8 (not expired)